Mechanical sabre-tooth cat

I have almost twenty years of experience with computer graphics- beggining with simple images created on good ol' C-64 in Art Studio- in both amateur and professional applications, in entertaiment industry and advertisement.

Now I'm using professional graphics software, 3D Studio Max (I have two international Autodesk certificates) and Corel Graphic Suite. Regardless if it's bussiness card, website or sophisticated 3D animation, every part of it is consulted with Customer to fully meet their needs. Permament, mutual contact is very important for creation process and guarantees full satisfaction, so I'm always trying to be at Customer's disposal.

Computers were always my hobby, no matter graphics, musics, programming and- of course- video games. All that interests me not just as user, but also as creator. I don't think about that all like about job, passion for it. Thanks to that I'm just doing what I like and can do.

From other my hobbies, one especially is leaving stamp on my artwork - Science Fiction. Projects of futuristic machinery, robots or spaceships were always and probably always will be my favoirte theme. Regardless of that, I'm always professionally treats my tasks and my Customer don't have to worry that suddenly droids will appear on his website about floriculture ;)

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